Axiox Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd established in the year 2018 with the aim of bridging the gaps existing in facility and property management services available in India. we maintain our own main store, labor camp and workshop has technical and operational capabilities in core system such as Payroll Services, Heating Ventilating, Interior Design and Erection, Hospitality Services.
the company has grown significantly in response to demand and market requirements and has gained an excellent reputation, readily referenced through its prominent clients. We understand the challenges facing our clients and the importance of proper coordination, cooperation and planning which are key elements for successful project delivery.


We are able to quickly mobilize all the necessary technical and financial resources required for any size project. We invest heavily in the well-being of our staff, management and systems as we believe this to be our main resource. The level of competence of our personnel is continually improving through training and study groups.

Our success is based upon the competence and efficiency of our staff. We aim for continuous personal development of our staff and management. All staff is given the proper training in health and safety issues such as working at high levels. Our human resource department is responsible for housing and transportation arrangements for all hired staff.

manage our system Axiox Consultancy Services Private Limited and policies in full compliance with the requirements of the current international standard of quality management system (ISO 9001) We train our staff to continually improve their skills and know-how.

Measurable standards of quality have been established and implemented in all departments in the organization. Our policy is reviewed annually and policy changes are communicated to all employees on a regular basis.